May 25, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details about him. In this case, the Wide Receivers.


Josh Johnston: Coming from the Colorado School of Mines Athletics, of the NCAA Division II, where he has become a historical icon of the team. In 2022 he had a dream season: selected to the All-American Second team, awarded the Mines ’Iron Digger award. He ended his rich career with the Colorado Mines ranking fourth in receiving yards (2,939) and second in touchdowns scored (40) in franchise history. In addition, the American has been an All American Wideout and, this 2023, an NFL Draft Prospect, participating in the Denver Broncos Training Camp.


Jordi Torrededia: he started playing at the age of 16 for Reus Imperials where he stayed for two years. His last year as a Junior he went to Barcelona to play with L’Hospitalet Pioners, and participated with the Senior that won Serie B. After that he signed with the Barcelona Dragons, so this is his third year in the franchise. In his first season he completed 10 catches for 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. The second evolved in terms of the game; and in the statistics: 21 catches for 224 yards and 3 touchdowns.


Theodor Landström: He began his career with his hometown team, the Gothenburg Marvels, and his good performance led him to play for the Clarion University of Pennsylvania Golden Eagles in 2019. Two years later, he returned to Sweden to join of the Carlstad Crusaders and thus help the team reach the semi-finals of the Swedish Super Series. During the shortened three-game basic series, Landström had 15 passes for 291 yards and a touchdown that led the franchise to third in the league.


Melvin Palin: trained in his hometown with the Kelted de Quimper from 2011 to 2015. However, the Frenchman decided to take a trip to Canada, where he wore the Victoriaville Vulkins jersey for two years. His performance led him to be chosen for the All Star Team in 2017 of the CÉGEP League. When it came to choosing higher education, he decided to sign for Bishop’s University where he played from 2018 to 2022. Once he graduated, offers from different countries rained down on him and, finally, Palin decided to return to Europe to settle in Düsseldorf and sign for the Panther. , a franchise that returned to the highest category of the German Football League. His successes include being named Academic All Canadian in 2021.


Eduardo Pérez: very young player of only 20 years. He started playing at 13 in Flag Football with the Alicante Sharks, where he also played tackle until he came of age. His first year as a Senior, in the 2021/2022 season, he signed with the Murcia Cobras as Running Back. The following year, he moved from the Mediterranean to the Spanish capital to play as Slot Receiver for Osos de Rivas. Now, he is part of the Wide Receivers of the Catalan franchise.


Alejandro García Muñoz: He has been playing for 5 years, divided into two teams: Madrid Wildcats, Majadahonda, which is where he started and spent a year. Later, he left not far away to sign with the Black Demons. He spent 2 years as a Junior, winning a national league and a cup. Already as a Senior, he won a national league and a cup. In those two years he had 600 yards and 7 touchdowns.


Alejandro Gracia Iborra: experienced receiver despite his age. He has been practicing this sport for seven years and has played in different positions. The first four, he tried out at the Linebacker and Cornerback positions. The rest, they put it as Wide Receiver. Like his teammate Eduardo from him, he also wore the Alicante Sharks jersey, where he played his entire career so far. In addition, he was called up to the U19 National Team for the European Championship in Italy.


Pau Tomás: young talent of only 19 years. He began taking his first steps in American football at the age of 13, at Reus Imperials playing Flag. He later ascended categories such as Cadet, Junior and, finally, Senior with the Reus club. Later, he signed for the Barcelona Dragons Academy in which he had an incredible season in which he completed 33 receptions thanks to the agility to receive and the speed of the player. Now, he will be part of the Practice Squad of the Catalan entity.