May 1, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details about them. In this case, the Special Teams.

Luis Cereceda Arbones: the Kicker faces his third year in the team. Cereceda discovered American football with L’Hospitalet Pioneers and quickly became interested in Special Teams. In 2022 he moved to the Barberà Rookies where he continued to hone his skills. After the departure of his mentor, Giorgio Tavecchio, whom Luis is always full of praise for, the Barcelonan now assumes the responsibility of being the franchise’s starting kicker and will try to leave a legacy for his teammates as they did before with he.

Samuel Higgs: Born in Australia, the Punter played professional Australian rules football from the age of 16 to 25, at which point he headed for Spain, where he signed with the Badalona Dracs. Employing a unique and dynamic style derived from his time as an Australian Rules Ruler, he has 0 returns on punts and left the ball within 20 yards on 12 occasions.

Pep Tricas González: despite being only 25 years old, Tricas has extensive experience in the world of football: he has been dedicated to this sport for 14 years. He began playing for Barcelona Búfals, where he trained until he was in his twenties. Later, he moved to Badalona Dracs where he played for the last five seasons, acting as Linebacker and Defensive End. Last season he already changed positions to become a Long Snapper with the Barcelona Dragons.