May 8, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details about him. In this case, the Running Backs.

Antoni Montón Martí: the Valencian started his career at just 14 years old, with the Junior team from his hometown, the Sueca Ricers. Later, he made the leap to the Spanish Serie A with the Valencia Giants and the Valencia Firebats. Finally, he traveled a little further south to wear the Murcia Cobras jersey. In addition, Montón went to Finland to play in the domestic league with the Rovaniemi Nordmen. Upon joining the Barcelona Dragons, the Running Back made history by scoring the franchise’s first ELF touchdown. Last season he completed a total of 522 yards for 4 touchdowns.

Eduard Molina Belmar: from Girona who has been playing for 9 years. He began, like many others, wearing the colors of his hometown team, the Girona Ducs, in 2014. Five years later he went to Hospitalet to sign with the Pioners and the following season he went to the Badalona Dracs, with whom got a total of 1,121 yards and 13 touchdowns. Before that, he was playing in Denmark with the Sollerod Gold Diggers.

Hasday Samuel Arias Hernández: Playing football since 2008 playing with Barberà Rookies, until last year he signed for the Terrassa Reds. In that team he made a total of 6 touchdowns and 435 yards in 45 runs. He has also gone through the national team and has experience in Europe: at Starnberg Argonauts and Weinheim Longhorns. The Colombian also played in Finland with the UNC Crusaders. Arias showed up at the first Barcelona Dragons Training Camp, but had no luck. He now has the opportunity to show why this year he is part of the Roster.

Marc Mesa Ruiz: at the age of 18, the player from Tarragona will be part of the Barcelona Dragons Practice Squad. He started playing American football just two years ago, at Reus Imperials, as a cadet and developing as a Wide Receiver. That same summer he trained with the Catalan National Team. A season later, he arrived at the Academy where the Coaches saw a lot of potential in linking his athleticism to the Running Back position, where he finished with 11 touchdowns and was called up to Team Spain under 19 in a game against Belgium.