May 15, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details about him. In this case, the Quarterbacks.

Conor Miller: American who has been playing American football for 15 years. Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he began his high school career playing for American Heritage and Cypress Bay. Once in college, he wore the Florida Atlantic jersey. However, he packed his bags and headed for Europe, where he was resoundingly successful: first, he signed for the Cologne Crocodiles, a GFL (German Football League) team. He later went to Austria to play with the Gaz Giants, one of the most powerful teams in the national league, with which he led all passing categories: in touchdowns, yards and passing rate. Finally, he went to the Flash La Corneuve, with whom, in 2022, he made 32 Touchdown passes and only received 2 interceptions, leading the French team to fight for the championship.

Narcís Bach i Jovani: young quarterback who began playing as a Cadet at L’Hospitalet Pioners. He won the Junior domestic competition in 2015 and 2018, the latter year being the league MVP. 2018, in fact, would be a key year for the Barcelonan’s career. He went to Mexico to wear the Europe Warriors U19 jersey, and was accepted at Notre Dame College in Cleveland (Ohio), to study at the university, with which he won the conference every year he was on the team (2018- 2021). Last season he was a Graduate Assistant and now he has returned to his homeland to join the Barcelona Dragons Roster.