May 22, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details about him. In this case, the Defensive Ends.


Darius Slade: The franchise’s first North American signing this season. The player born in Philadelphia stands out for his explosiveness and speed to get rid of the opponent, also adopting positions such as Edge Rusher if necessary. Slade played a few years at Ohio State, where he recorded 37 sacks and caused a total of 126 loss yards to opponents. Everything achieved earned him to be considered one of the 20 best New Jersey Senior promises. After also passing through Arizona State, the American played for the South Florida Bulls, where he not only captained the team, but also recorded a total of 32 tackles, 2 sacks and forced a fumble in a monstrous action.


Diego Paz González: one of the great surprises and a player called to be decisive. The very young player dedicated his entire life to athletics, being a professional for the last two years, reaching the national finals and training at the Center for High Performance Sports in Madrid. But one day, the man from A Coruña decided to try contact sports and became obsessed with American football. His short career begins at the end of 2021, where he signed for Black Demons and, being a Junior, he stood out a lot. The following season, already as a Senior, he came to make a total of 13 sacks. The Defensive End is a physical marvel: power, ease to unbalance and great athletic skills make Paz a player to keep in mind.


Leonardo Rovesti Ferrer: he began his adventure in American football at the age of 16. He started out as a Kicker, went through Running Back and eventually established himself as a Linebaker. He was in Alcobendas Cavaliers, leading in series B as the defense with the most sacks in the league. They won the competition, getting the long-awaited promotion. Already in Serie A, he ended up being the leader in defense in the league with 14 sacks. This year he was one of the members of the Training Camp by 28 Black, proving that he had a place in the Barcelona Dragons squad.


Mamadou Ka Thiobane: young player who surprised, and a lot, at the Training Camp by 28 Black. He discovered American football only two years ago, and has only been on one team: the one from his city, the Terrassa Reds. As soon as he started, the player born in Senegal began to stand out. He gained muscle and technique until he reached an enviable physical level. An example of his evolution as a player is that this season, in just 8 games, he has accumulated a total of 39 tackles and 7 sacks.


Diego Irles Santoja: he started playing 8 years ago, in 2015, and has gone through all the lower categories of the Black Demons Academy, reaching the first team and even being called up by the Spanish Junior Team. Irles had to retire in 2019, but to return with more enthusiasm than ever. 2022 was the best year for the player and there is a curious positive fact that accompanies the man from Madrid: he has a record of 60 wins and only 5 losses. In addition, this year he also debuted in European competition, in this case the CEFL (Central European Footba League).