Apr 27, 2023

Once the official list of players (Roster) that will face the 2023 season of the Euorpean League of Football has been published, we go into detail to break down, by position, each member of the franchise, and thus give four details of his person. In this case, the Cornerbacks.

Jordi Pietro Brugnani Cierco: known to all as an old rocker for the Barcelona Dragons, the eldest of the Brugnani brothers faces his third consecutive year with the entity, with which last year he managed to make 4 interceptions in the league. With extensive experience in American football, Jordi began his career at the age of five. In his curriculum it is possible to have been in L’Hospitalet Pioners or Badalona Dracs. In addition, he has not only played in Spain, but also played in the GFL (German Football League), both in the first and second divisions, and even wore the Finnish Jyvaskyla Jaguaritt jersey.

Lucas Masero López: Despite his young age, Masero is already facing his third consecutive year in the ELF (European League of Football), being one of the veterans of the franchise. The Barcelona player started playing in 2011. At just 11 years old he was part of the Búfals del Poblenou. There he spent seven years until he headed to Badalona to sign with the Dracs. At the Junior level, he was captain of the U19 national team for two years and in 2019 he was chosen as the best player in the defensive team of the Bologna U19 European Championship. Now, with the Barcelona Dragons, he has 5 interceptions and 2 defensive touchdowns, making franchise history by making the first pick 6 for the new Dragons. He, along with Jordi Brugnani, whom he considers his “big brother”, will complete 6 consecutive seasons playing in the same secondary line (3 with the Badalona Dracs and 3 with the Barcelona Dragons).

Julio Aguado Vento: The wild card. It works for everything. In his 8 years playing football, the man from Málaga has played in different places, such as England with the CCU Chargers. For three years, he also played in various positions, from Wide Receiver to Free Safety. In addition, Aguado has the experience of being a DB Coach at Bioshop Carrol Catholic Highschool, in a state champion program in Wichita, Kansas. Later, he returned to Spain and signed for Black Demons in the 2018 season, now playing as a Cornerback.

Pascal Sendelbach: One of the pearls of the franchise with 19 years. He started his journey just three years ago, and it has skyrocketed. Born in Berlin, Sendelbach started with the Mallorca Voltors one year as a Junior and another as a Senior. From there he went to the Barcelona Dragons Academy where his game evolved, reaching the Junior final this season. He is now part of the Barcelona Dragons; an unstoppable rise.

Iker González: Another young promise of only 19 years. He started playing just five years ago, standing out in L’Hospitalet Pioners. So much so that he was called up to the Spanish U19 team to play the last European Championship in Bologna. Now, Iker González is one of the members of the Practice Squad of the Barcelona Dragons.

Iván García: Versatile and versatile from Madrid. He has worn the Camioneros de Coslada jersey for three years, in which practically all of them have played as Wide Receiver. However, given his great athleticism and speed of movement, he is perfectly suited to the Cornerback position. Fact that he could already be seen at the Training Camp by 28 Black 2023. Now, Iván completes one of the places in the Practice Squad of the Barcelona Dragons.