Mar 31, 2023

After a successful season in 2022, where the team finished as Champion of the Southern Conference, the Barcelona Dragons are already thinking about how to continue growing for the 2023 campaign.

These are times of change. Of evolution. To adapt the best conditions to make this sport grow at a national level, and at a European level. Therefore, we are working on making the best template possible. That is up to the competition, and the teams that make it up. To improve the sports quality of the franchise and its infrastructures. And with this, offer American football fans from all corners of Spain the comfort so that they can attend and enjoy the matches, in a close and accessible way for all fans.

For this reason, the Season Holder 2023 starts where season ticket holders will enjoy a considerable discount compared to buying tickets separately for the six games of the season played at the Terrassa Olympic Stadium. To subscribe, it is an essential requirement to be a member of the Barcelona Dragons. For the moment, the franchise will offer the available locations in the stands of the stadium in the Main Stand and Side Line areas. In case there is an overwhelming demand to occupy the detailed areas, the possibility of opening the North Endzone would enter. South Endzone, however, will remain closed. In addition, the Power Parties will continue to take place in the vicinity around the Olympic.

To keep growing. To continue showing the whole of Europe who we are: the best fans in the League. Join us and subscribe!

You can become a subscriber by filling out the form at this link: