Jun 4, 2023

The propitious moment has arrived: the launch of the new and exciting campaign of the Barcelona Dragons. And with it, the sweet taste of victory in our new home, the Estadi Olímpic de Terrassa.


You could tell that both franchises had an immense desire to start. Despite the inconveniences prior to the game, where torrential rain fell, the match could be played without problems. It started frantically, in fact, for both sides. A snap that was too high, going over six feet by Conor Miller, ended up being picked up by Tavai for the first touchdown of the afternoon. However, the Dragons immediately reacted with a touchdown by Theodor Landsröm, the Wide Receiver who would ultimately be the standout player of the game.


After the tie, the Catalan franchise began to dominate the match. In the defensive aspect, he highlighted a railway line and a choral performance that put the attack of the Swiss in difficulties. On a personal level, special mention must be made of Luke Glenna, to whom, apart from being a constant toothache, we attributed an interception when the rival quarterback was looking for a deep pass to the End Zone. Regarding the offensive level, the team was very well balanced. Josh Johnston excelled doing damage both outside and inside, making a real game in which he received 159 passing yards. Raúl Cernuda and Jordi Torrededia, who scored a touchdown, looked very well connected with Conor Miller, but above all, it is worth noting an inspired Theo who put on his superhero cape to be definitive and end up scoring 3 touchdowns.