Jun 25, 2023

The Terrassa Olímpic opened its doors again to host the match belonging to Week 4 against the Munich Ravens. The sun and the party reigned on the feast day of San Juan, however, things went wrong with regard to the game, and that was the first game of the season in which the Barcelona Dragons started ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a Field Goal by Victor Albarracin.


However, the Munich Ravens imposed an overwhelming running game. With just under three minutes to go in the first quarter, Tomiwa Oyewo would make a rushing Touchdown of more than 70 yards: a prelude to what was going to happen throughout the game, since the Running Back was a true toothache for Dragon defense. To make matters worse, before reaching the second quarter, they intercepted a ball from Conor Miller at the 12-yard line of our field. That play ended with a failed Field Goal attempt by the Bavarian team.


The second quarter went by without any big plays to highlight. A good defense from the locals kept the rival attack at bay, until a good Punt from Werner placed the ball on the Dragons 1-yard line. Bad snap and, furthermore, the American Quarterback slipped the ball from his hands, causing a Fumble in the End Zone, being recovered by Zirngibl. We were going to rest, then, with a 16-3 against.


As soon as the third began, with 14:51 on the clock, another Big Play by Oyewo increased the differences on the scoreboard. On the next drive, the Dragons again fumbled inside their own 40, recovered, again, by Zirngibl. That play ended with a run by Oyewo to reflect the 30-3 in the electronic. From there, the sensations changed a bit; The Dragons were more comfortable in attack, with long drives and passing plays, like the one Conor Miller delivered to Torrededia, in which they appeared at the rival 1-yard line and culminated in a run by Eduard Molina.


However, in the last stretch of the game, the Ravens hit again with the running games: this time, the Touchdown was scored by Marvin Rutsch. The most positive play was started by Raúl Cernuda, with a reception down the middle in which he got rid of several rivals to run 63 yards to the gates of the End Zone. Josh Johnston was in charge of completing the drive to finish with the final 39-15.