Jul 24, 2023

The Barcelona Dragons faced one of the most dangerous teams in the competition at the GAZi Stadion auf der Waldau, an idyllic stadium for the Catalan franchise since the two visits made to date (2021 and 2022) have resulted in victories. However, this year it was the local team that prevailed.


The first half was clearly dominated by Germany. On the first drive of the game they scored a Touchdown through their powerful Running Back, Phileas Pasqualini, and the Teutonic defense never allowed the Dragon offense to enter the Red Zone. However, the visiting defense also showed a great capacity for resistance.


However, the second quarter was devastating. Right off the bat, Allen made a 33-yard deep pass for Mayr’s reception, capping off the drive with another Pasqualini score. Stuttgart continued to advance little by little up the field until, once again, the Allen-Mayr combination came to the fore with a 42-yard pass, once again appearing at the gates of the End Zone. Steigerwald would end up widening the differences on the scoreboard and, immediately afterwards, with two minutes to go before the break, Stuttgart would once again score a Touchdown through Steward; 0-27.


In the second half, the Barcelona Dragons tried to react and limited the German attacking game. Both neutralized each other until the end of the third quarter, where a great offensive series by the Dragons allowed the opening of the last quarter with a running Touchdown by the team’s new addition, Carlton Aiken Jr. In addition, Stuttgart Surge had to return the ball for a 3 and out and that made the team grow, since with the offense back on the grass a Touchdown was achieved through Raúl Cernuda that put the score at 14-27 with less than 7 minutes to go.


However, the illusions for the miracle were buried after another local Big Play: Paqualini found a hole in the middle of the defense and scored a 34-yard Touchdown to put an end to the game with a result of 14-33.