Apr 14, 2023

American football evolves every year, and with it, the illusion of facing new challenges from all corners of Europe. Each season, the European League of Football welcomes more followers who believe in this project. Teams with nostalgia or created from scratch; everyone has a place. And they all have a story to tell. For this reason, we want to bring you, the fans, a little piece of each one of them. So that you put a face and eyes on the rivals who are going to fight with the Barcelona Dragons to travel a path to Duisburg.


The first stop is made in Milan, city of fashion and art. We are talking about the Seaman Milano, an entity that has been competing since the early 80s. Sergio Galeotti, a shareholder in Giorgio Armani, is considered the father of the Seaman. He founded the team in 1981, and during that decade he led the club to great success in boot country. He was one of the greatest potentials in Italy until, in 1990, the club was forced to close the blind due to lack of funds and disappeared.

Almost 20 years later, in 2009, a group of former players of the Seamen from those 80s refounded the entity, making it rise from its ashes. A year later, they win the Under 19 championship. That same year, the Lombardy franchise earns a place in the IFL (Italian Football League). The rest is history: in 2014 they won their first national title in their history. A trophy to which four more would be added, being five-time champions of the highest American football league in the country.


Now, for the first time, they will compete in the European League of Football. A team that has maintained a large part of the block that competed in the national league. Therefore, an experienced and compact group in which they know each other perfectly. In fact, many of them played in the 2021 European Champion Italy. On the bloc, it is worth highlighting players we already know:

  • Luke Zahradka: QB formed at Seamen Milano. Veteran quarterback (31 years old) almost two meters tall with a past in Italian and Czech teams. Five seasons in the marine squad that won three of the five national titles.
  • Lewis Thomas: OL from Hamburg Sea Devils. One of the greatest powerhouses of the experienced offensive line that is assumed to be essential in the team’s schemes.
  • Jean Constant: WR from Hamburg Sea Sevils. An old man known to Barcelona Dragons fans, since he played in 2021. He has a powerful stride and spectacular athletic skills that make him one of the best receivers in the League.
  • Giorgio Tavecchio: K from Barcelona Dragons. Veteran of the NFL and ELF, we know very well who was our Kicker these last two years. With 91 total points scored with the Dragons, Tavecchio returns to his hometown to serve as kicker and coach for this position.