May 22, 2023

The Barcelona Dragons are proud to announce a full agreement with Elite Sports Equity, an investment firm that brings together a powerful ownership group including technology entrepreneur Jason Robinson, Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith, investor Marcelia Freeman and a Los Angeles based real estate developer and former golf professional, Martin Roache.


The agreement between the two parties represents a major step forward in every way over the next few years. This union between both entities arises with the objective of uniting the passion for American Football based on the values of sharing the same way of being and understanding life and sport. In this way, both will share interests and grow together through the contributions of both brands. Thus, the group of investors will become the majority partners and the franchise will ensure economic stability that will allow it to continue competing at the highest level and performance in the European League of Football. In addition, the operation involves the arrival of very important experts with great knowledge in the field.


Bart Iaccarino, General Manager of the Barcelona Dragons, remarks the importance of the agreement: “It’s what we were looking for from day one. People who bet on us, with extensive knowledge in the field and who would give us economic peace of mind for the project, especially for the future“.




Elite Sports Equity is an American company with a group of major investors, many of them former NFL players. With their personal experience and relationships with some of the biggest names in American Football, such as Eddie Robinson, and also having experience in the NFL and English Premier League, the team is well built to win. In addition, they have established relationships with the best coaches in the world to provide the training and development needed to make Spain a top talent pool for all of Europe.


Jason Robinson, Managing Partner, remarks their primary goal for the team: “We plan to embrace the historical prominence of the Barcelona franchise and connect deeply with its fans to create a shared identity that will help dominate the region. Our goal is to be the gas for the flame that was lit“.