Klagenfurt’s dream is over (39-12)

Sep 11, 2022

The Barcelona Dragons were left without reaching the Klagenfurt final after being defeated by the Vienna Vikings in the Austrian capital. The 39-12 final reflects a very complicated match for Andrew Weidinger‘s boys in which practically nothing came of it. The local team did know how to play their cards and, showing superiority, was able to win the ticket for the grand final.

The Dragons had a hard time. Very much. Especially in attack. And it is that Zach Edwards did not find a way for his team to move chains. It was not easy for the American QB, and it is that the defense of those who wore purple came to him again and again. A lot of pressure from the local side that the HC Weidinger team couldn’t shake off.

While the offense couldn’t connect in the slightest, the defense did a better job stopping the Vikings on several occasions. But they couldn’t in two of them during a first half that was practically a monologue of those at home. Two touchdowns put land in between in a scoreboard that was the best possible news for the Dragons. And it is that they went to the changing rooms being ‘only’ less than two annotations (19-0).

After the break things did not improve for Andrew Weidinger‘s boys. The third assault, far from serving to fix the mess a bit, served the opposite. And it is that the Vienna Vikings were even more superior. Chaining score after score, the hosts came to put on the scoreboard a more than convincing 29-0.

In the last period, and with a new addition of local points to the scoreboard (32-0), the Dragons were able to make up the result somewhat. First thanks to a very deep pass from Edwards, to a bomb, which was picked up by Roque Alarcón. And, minutes later with the short but effective race of Elías Rodríguez. The Vienna Vikings ended up rounding the score in favor of their interests to put the final 39-12 with which they got the ticket to Klagenfurt.

For its part, the Barcelona Dragons end the season staying on the verge of continuing to dream, being eliminated in the semifinals.