Feb 25, 2023

Eduard Molina will wear green and white next season in the European League of Football.

The Running Back (RB) has extensive experience in Catalan football. He played with the Girona Ducs, where he was the top scorer in the Catalan League in his first year as a Senior. From there, he made the leap to play with l’Hospitalet Pioners and also with the Badalona Dracs; team with which he was crowned champion of the LNFA (National League of American Football) Serie A in 2021.

Molina stands out for having a very strong lower body that helps him maintain his balance and is very difficult to tackle. That is one of the qualities that led the Spanish player to try his luck in Denmark, where he played with the Sollerod Gold Diggers, reaching the final of the National League in 2021.

I want to thank the organization for letting me be part of the project in 2023. I am facing this great opportunity with great desire and enthusiasm. I look forward to the start of the season and to meet the entire Dragons family, coaches, staff, teammates and fans”, declared the new running back. “I will give everything in my power to help the team achieve all the goals of the season. Go Dragons!”, he concluded.