Jul 20, 2023

Following the news that Conor Miller, the franchise’s starting Quarterback, has been transferred to Injury Reserve, the Barcelona Dragons have decided to sign Carlton Aiken Jr to help the franchise in the European League of Football.


The American began his career at Pace University, where in his freshman year he completed 34 of 57 passes for 461 yards and three passing touchdowns, plus five on the ground in just four games. That great performance would only be the prelude to a great university career. In the sophomore year he ended up being the NE10 Offensive Player of the Year.


After a year at Gardner-Webb University with a total of 709 passing yards and 103 rushing yards for three touchdowns, he returned to Pace University where he continued to accumulate successes, including being the first athlete from this university to become the most valued player NE10. In all, the American racked up 5,887 passing yards and 55 touchdowns. To this is added his 1,964 rushing yards and 23 career touchdowns in seven years.


In addition, he already has a European adventure, where he signed with the Polish Silesia Rebels, leading them to win the domestic league (Polish American Football League) this same 2023. Aiken stands out for his athletic ability and double threat, both arming like running. He has solid strength, speed and anticipation that allow him to perform efficiently both in and out of the pocket.


I’m very grateful and excited for this opportunity. Conor is an incredible Quarterback and I look forward to the challenge of leading this offense like he did. I’m going to give 110% for the Barcelona Dragons! I can’t wait to get on the field!”, Aiken said.