Available the shares purchase of the Barcelona Dragons

Sep 6, 2022

Today, September 6th, the shares to be a shareholder of the Barcelona Dragons can already be purchased on the franchise’s website.

Shares are made available to any fan or person who wants to be an integral part of the franchise. Up to a total of 2,000 shares at a price of 200€/share are those that go on sale from today. A person can buy a maximum of 50 shares.

Depending on the number of shares purchased, the person will become part of one of the five categories, of the five groups, that the franchise has divided to determine a series of rights and benefits:

• 1 to 4 shares: Shareholder Certificate.

• 5 to 14 shares: Shareholder Certificate and ‘Lateral’ Season 2023 Holder.

• 15 to 24 shares: Shareholder Certificate and ‘Tribuna’ Season 2023 Holder.

• 25 to 39 shares: Shareholder Certificate, ‘Tribuna’ Season 2023 Holder and a Game Jersey signed.

• 40 to 50 shares: Shareholder Certificate, ‘Tribuna’ Seasons 2023-2024 Holder and Game Jersey signed.

The Barcelona Dragons’ shares can be bought in the following link: https://barcelona-dragons.com/accionistas/